Early pioneers, scouts, hunters, and traders fulfill America’s destiny to expand Westward, discovering uncharted territory to blaze new trails. While dangers of deadly predators, starvation, bad weather, and unwelcoming Native Americans linger around every corner, the promise of land and opportunity push brave men like Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, and John Colter to keep going. Within the epic adventures and survival of the early explorers lies the origins of Western lore and the birth of legends that live on forever.


Release Date: 2022 Genre: Docuseries, Western Minutes: 43 Ratings: TV-PG Format: HD Status: new


Season 1
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 8

As America expands westward, intrepid explorers and rugged mountain men risk their lives to blaze new trails into the wild frontier. The promise of new lands teeming with game and other riches is an irresistible pull for fearless men such as Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger, and John Colter. But danger surrounds the hunters, trappers, and traders that the lead the way into the unknown frontier. As they push deeper into the wilderness, crossing impenetrable forests, vast mountain ranges, and unforgiving deserts, they face starvation, deadly weather, ferocious predators, and hostile Native Americans. But their descriptions of the natural wonders found on America’s frontier encourage a tide of settlers to head west, and their epic tales of adventure and survival become the stuff of myths and legends.