Entertainer and restaurateur, Taylor Hicks, tastes his way across the USA on a quest to assemble plates that represent each state’s most historic, famous, and tastiest foods. He samples crab cakes in Maryland, peaches in Georgia, chili in Texas, potatoes in Idaho, and all manner of dishes as he makes his way from coast to coast. Along the way, he visits farms, ranches, markets, and festivals to uncover the stories and legends behind each state’s unique food traditions.


Release Date: 2016 Genre: Reality Series Minutes: 22 Ratings: G Format: HD Status: library IMDb Page


Taylor Hicks
as Host
Seasons: 3


Season 1
Length of Episodes: 22 min
Episodes: 12

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Arizona on a quest to discover the state’s most emblematic foods. Along the way, he discovers the accidental birthplace of the chimichanga and learns how to make simple-but-delicious Navajo fry bread. He also learns how to herd Churro sheep, the key ingredient in the state’s traditional lamb stew, and helps plant tepary beans, one of the most droughttolerant crops in the world. Finally, Taylor makes candy from the juice of the prickly pear cactus. It’s a plateful of Arizona cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

Season 2
Length of Episodes: 22 min
Episodes: 24

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across South Dakota on a quest to assemble a plate of the state’s most monumental foods. First, he visits a sheep farm where they produce flavorful meat for chislic, a cubed meat dish. Next, he heads to a bison ranch to learn how to herd bison, and he scouts roadside ditches in search of wild asparagus. Then, he learns how to make two of the state’s popular desserts: a Native American berry dish called “wojapi” and a German inspired pastry called “kuchen.” It’s a heaping helping of the Mount Rushmore State’s most delicious foods.

Season 3
Length of Episodes: 22 min
Episodes: 14

Host Taylor Hicks explores tropical Hawaii searching for the spirit of aloha and the perfect State Plate. On Waikiki Beach, he samples musubi, “the surfer’s energy bar,” made of seaweed, rice and an unexpected food beloved in the region: Spam®. Taylor then travels inland to learn about kalua pig, a succulent main course that’s slow cooked over local volcanic rock. He harvests the official state plant, taro, to help create poi, a traditional island side dish. For his second side, Taylor picks what is known as the world’s sweetest pineapple, Meli Kalima (“honey cream”). Finally, he chooses coconut from “the tree of life” to use as the main ingredient of the creamy dessert called haupia. Get ready to say “mahalo” for authentic island cuisine!