Just north of Las Vegas a real fortune awaits. The unforgiving Great Basin Desert may not seem like an ideal place to strike it rich, but buried beneath the barren landscape is a treasure worth millions. The challenge is knowing how to find it. For three generations the Otteson family has been unearthing some of the most sought-after turquoise in the world. From detonating explosives on treacherous slopes to the pressure of meeting the demands of international buyers, every day is a wild adventure and there is always a thin line between failure and success.


Release Date: 2019 Genre: Family, Reality, Western Minutes: 43 Ratings: PG-13 Format: HD Status: library IMDb Page


Donna Otteson
as Donna Otteson
Seasons: 1
Tommy Otteson
as Tommy Otteson
Seasons: 1
Tony Otteson
as Tony Otteson
Seasons: 1
Trenton Otteson
as Trenton Otteson
Seasons: 1
Danny Otteson
as Danny Otteson
Seasons: 1
Lane Otteson
as Lane Otteson
Seasons: 1
Tristan Otteson
as Tristan Otteson
Seasons: 1


Season 1
Length of Episodes: 43
Episodes: 7

The Otteson family works overtime to fill an order for an influential Japanese jeweler who wants high-grade turquoise and White Buffalo, a rare stone found only in Tonopah, Nevada. While Tristan and Lane mine through the night for turquoise, the rest of the family scrambles to find a new deposit of White Buffalo. In a rush to meet the deadline, TJ topples the excavator over a ridge and into the valley below. Donna and Danny search remote areas of the desert on horseback, but it’s Trenton and Tony who discover a 150-pound nugget that may be the largest ever found.