Country music icon, Trace Adkins, hosts the competition series where fourteen strong-willed cowboys must prove they can out-cowboy the competition. The contestants lock horns in a number of grueling challenges, with Trace and a panel of experts judging their skills, knowledge, grit, and passion. Competing to win it all is a group of men and women from all across the nation with diverse backgrounds. Full of explosive drama, and lots of ego, the pressure is on for the cowboys to prove they have what it takes. One-by-one, the contestant that can't stack up to the competition hits the trail and heads home until only one stands, winning the prize of a lifetime.


Release Date: 2021 Genre: Reality Series, Action, Western Minutes: 43 min Ratings: PG Format: HD Status: new IMDb Page Official Series Page


Trace Adkins
as Host
Seasons: 3


Season 1
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 6

Twelve real-life working cowboys lock horns in their first challenge for a prize of a lifetime. As the contestants get settled in on a cattle ranch, friendships form and tensions rise between the cowboys. Host Trace Adkins sends two cowboys packing.

Season 2
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 10

Fourteen real-life cowboys arrive at a sprawling Texas ranch and embark on the first of many challenges. With two expert judges' help, host Trace Adkins eliminates the cowboy who didn't pull their weight.

Season 3
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 10

Trace Adkins returns to host the toughest competition series on TV. Fourteen cowboys from across the nation saddle up and head to the rugged hills and high plains of Wyoming for a chance to win the prize of a lifetime.

Season 4
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 10

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown with host Trace Adkins returns for an all-new season, all-new competition, in an all-new location—featuring all-star cowboys from past seasons! These real-life, best-of-the-best cowboys compete in grueling challenges over rugged Arizona terrain for a chance to win a herd of cattle, and more. One false step can send anyone (or two!) packing. Returning cowboys include J. Storme Birdwell, Tyler Kijac, Sarah Foti, Buck Faust, Fatty Hickman, and others who will stop at nothing to take home the prize.