In the mid-1800s, mountain man Jim Bridger serves as a Bozeman Trail guide to settlers, soldiers, and other colorful characters. The Western frontier is a perilous place, with danger around every bend, so Jim shares his wisdom through incredible, tales of his death-defying adventures. Every week brings another of Bridger’s heroic stories of justice, pivotal life-changing choices, daring escapes, fights waged against all odds, and much more. Just how tall are these tall tales--you be the judge!


Release Date: 2024 Genre: Biography, Docudrama, Educational, History, Western Minutes: 22 Ratings: TV-PG Format: HD Status: new IMDb Page Official Series Page


Rib Hillis
as Jim Bridger


Season 1
Length of Episodes: 43 min
Episodes: 10

Mountain man Jim Bridger shares stories of his Western frontier adventures in INSP’s new original series. How tall are his tales? You decide!